Ribbon Information

What is grosgrain ribbon?

Grosgrain ribbon is a ribbon with a very tight weave and narrow ribbing, giving it a ridged texture. The tight weave makes grosgrain ribbon very sturdy and slightly stiff. Here at Ribbons Galore we sell grosgrain ribbon in a variety of colors, widths and designs. Ribbons Galore grosgrain ribbons are available in plain colours, striped and stitched grosgrain and also spotty grosgrain. Striped grosgrains are usually double sided. Printed grosgrain ribbons usually have a design printed on one side, with the underside the original plain coloured grosgrain.

Uses for grosgrain ribbon

Crafts: Grosgrain ribbon can be used to decorate and embellish scrapbooks and greeting cards. It can be used for many different crafts as well, from bead making to book-binding to making lanyards.

Millinery: Grosgrain ribbons are the popular choice for creating ribbon decorations for hats (such as ribbon flowers) and as the trimming band on hats.

Grosgrain belts: The stiffness of grosgrain ribbon makes it a good choice when making ribbon belts. Add a belt buckle or a pair of D-rings to the end of the belt to complete.

Sewing: Grosgrain ribbon makes a perfect sewing ribbon. It can be used as a trim by itself, or as a base for other more decorative ribbons.